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Starfish Scholarships Project Updates


Starfish recently auctioned off a Huawei Matebook and a fishing trip in Hearst, Ontario.

Chocolate Bar Sales

Starfish has started selling chocolate to raise money for the scholarship fund.


Thanks to Duke of Edinburgh participant Olivia Dey for designing these amazing cards for the students who applied to the 2017 Starfish Scholarship.

Starfish Cookies at Western

Anne Kneale, Starfish's Vice President, recently fundraised over $400 selling popcorn, beverages, and starfish cookies outside of a musical production at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

Donation from PJPII students

For the second consecutive year, the student council from Blessed Pope John Paul II Catholic Secondary School in Scarborough donated $250 to Starfish. A big thank you goes out to the student council, as well as Ms. Silliker!

Yoga at Western

Anne Kneale, Starfish's Vice President, held a yoga class for her classmates at Western University to raise money for Starfish's scholarship fund.

Bubble Tea Fundraiser

Duke of Edinburgh participants at Havergal College fundraised $60 for Starfish's scholarship fund by setting up a bubble tea booth in the boarding school.

Christmas Bottle Drive

Starfish founder Rosalyn Yake held a bottle drive over the Christmas holidays, collecting beer and wine bottles from friends, family, and colleagues. All proceeds went towards the Starfish scholarship fund.

Pennies for Dreams

Duke of Edinburgh participants at Havergal College wrapped up their Pennies for Dreams campaign. This campaign was inspired by the Pennies for Peace project and Greg Mortenson's book "Three Cups of Tea." The students collected over $100 in pennies for the Starfish Scholarship fund.

Used Book Drive

Silver participants at Havergal College's Boarding School collected used books and sold them to used book stores in Toronto, raising $70 for the Starfish Scholarship fund.

Starfish Scholarships Videos

Starfish Scholarships India thanks you for making a difference in a student's life!